About Us

About Us

The Washington Travel Clinic is the private medical practice of Ziad Akl, MD. Dr. Akl is an Infectious Diseases specialist with a special interest in Travel Medicine. In addition to specializing in the prevention and treatment of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Akl concentrates on providing answers when diagnosis poses a challenge. He is interested in solving medical mysteries and is committed to providing answers to those who suffer from a medical condition but have been unable to obtain answers as to their elusive diagnosis.

Dr. Akl received his training in Infectious Diseases at Columbia University and a Board Certification in 1996. He is a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the International Society of Travel Medicine. He is also a former Medical Officer of the Food and Drug Administration where he reviewed the safety and efficacy of new and existing drugs in the fields of Infectious Diseases and Transplantation.

At The Washington Travel Clinic, we do our best to accommodate your schedule. Our clients find that our online appointment scheduling service is extremely convenient; it allows for secure registration and for making, rescheduling and canceling appointments with a few clicks, 24/7. Appointment confirmations and reminders are automatically sent to you via e-mail.

Our office is conveniently located near the Farragut metro stations.

We are paperless and we strive to be green. We use electronic charts and there are no forms or questionnaires to fill out. Even our sign-in sheet is electronic.

Dr. Akl is available to answer your questions, if any, prior to your visit. During your visit, Dr. Akl will review your medical history and itinerary – this allows him to determine which vaccines you should receive and what other preventive measures you should take.

Dr. Akl personally administers the necessary vaccines during the same visit. He uses very thin needles, which makes your experience almost painless. Administered vaccines are recorded on an International Certificate of Vaccination, which is provided to you during the same visit. In case of an emergency, you can reach Dr. Akl personally 24/7 by phone. If a consultation is needed after your trip because of illness, Dr. Akl is available to see you on short notice.

Information on travel precautions is discussed and sent to you via e-mail at the time of your visit. Prescriptions are provided as needed and for your convenience can be sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice — this way your medicines will be ready for you to pick-up when you get to the pharmacy. Blood tests, when needed, are drawn on location.

Follow-up appointments and payments are conveniently made in the same exam room, which is why our clients call us a one-stop shop. Testimonials describe the experience as “painless,” “easy,” “efficient,” “fast” and “convenient.” Upon request, your physician is sent a letter documenting the vaccines you received. A copy of your medical records is a mouse-click away and is sent to you via e-mail upon request.

Our fee structure and the cost of the various vaccines offered is listed in the Pricing section.

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