Frequently Asked Questions

Country Requirements and Recommendations
Q. How can I find out which countries require the yellow fever vaccine as a condition for entry?
The list of requirements by country is available on the CDC website.
Q. Is the cholera vaccine required for entry into any country?
Currently, no country or territory requires vaccination against cholera as a condition for entry. The cholera vaccine is not available in the United States.
Q. How can I find out which vaccines are required or recommended for my travel itinerary?
The CDC website is the best resource. However, final decisions regarding various vaccines can be difficult to make without consulting a travel medicine specialist.
Q. Where can I learn about the various risks encountered during travel?
The Yellow Book, issued by the CDC, is a rich resource and can be accessed here.

Q. How can I find out if I need to take malaria prophylaxis during my travel?
The CDC website offers detailed recommendations. In addition, maps can be found here.
Q. Is there a vaccine against malaria?
Currently, there is no vaccine against malaria available.
Q. Where can I learn about various drugs used to prevent malaria?
The CDC website has a wealth of information about the topic.
Q. Do you dispense malaria pills?
No. We only presrcribe the pills and you can obtain them at any pharmacy.
Q. What is the cost of the various malaria pills?
Click here for a chart that provides an approximate cost of malaria pills when purchased at the pharmacy.

Q. What are the schedules for the various vaccines recommended for travel?
Click here to view the various schedules.
Q. How long am I protected after receiving vaccines?
Click here  to view the duration of protection conferred by each vaccine.
Q. Do you administer vaccines to children?
We administer vaccines to children 9 months and older.
Q. Do I need a prescription to receive vaccines?
No. We do not require a prescription for any vaccine we administer.
Q. Can I get all my vaccines at once?
Yes. Usually we can administer all needed vaccines in one visit except for certain vaccines that require multiple dosing (e.g. hepatitis B, rabies, etc.). In those instances, you will need to return for the remaining doses.

Q. Do you participate with any insurance carrier?
We do not participate with any insurance carrier. Please click here to review our payment policies.
Q. Will my insurance reimburse me for the consultation or the vaccines?
This depends on the plan you have. You would have to contact your carrier to find out.

Planning for my visit
Q. What should I bring with me to my appointment?
You only need to bring your vaccination records, if available, to avoid duplication.
Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks (ID required), Visa, Master Card, Discover and Amex.

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